Our Georgia History

Our Georgia History

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Our Georgia History

Today and every day our prayers are with the men and women, our sons and daughters, who serve their country.

Lt. Col. Samuel Taylor U.S.M.C. (Ret.)
Our Georgia History

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  • Georgia History 101
    Introduction and overview of the history of Georgia. This is the place to start your journey.
  • American Indians
    This section examines the long history of the American Indian in present-day Georgia, from the prehistoric Moundbuiler cultures to the Creek and Cherokee tribes.
  • Early Georgia
    Covers the history of the state from first exploration to 1838, when the Cherokee were forced west on the Trail of Tears.
  • Wars
    Includes each of the wars in which Georgia played a role.
  • Biography
    In depth look at individuals who played a role in the development of Georgia.
  • Chronology
    History by the month/day/year.
  • Lists
    Various lists of import to the state
  • Documents
    Various documents that are historically important to the state.
  • Links
    There are many fine web sites/pages on the state of Georgia

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