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Chronology for April 9

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April 9, 1561 Angel Villafane sets sail from Santa Maria de Filipinos (Pensacola).
April 9, 1731 A Spanish coast guard sloop, plowing the waters near Havana, Cuba, intercepts the frigate Rebecca, returning to London after a lucrative stop in Jamaica. A member of the boarding party (possibly Captain Juan Fandino de Leone) slices off the ear of Robert Jenkins (Captain of the Rebecca).
April 9, 1818 Andrew Jackson enters the Okefenokee Swamp in search of Billy Bowlegs (Bolek) and his band of Seminole Indians.
  Okefenokee Swamp
April 9, 1872 The dispute over the boundary between Georgia and Florida, which had been waged for 72 years, is laid to rest by a act passed by the U. S. Congress
April 9, 1887 Piedmont Exposition is officially proposed
  Piedmont Park
April 9, 1928 After blasting Gutzon Borglum's work from the face of Stone Mountain, Augustus Lukeman unveils his work on the face of the mountain. Mayor Jimmy Walker of New York attends the ceremony
  Stone Mountain
April 9, 1936 While travelling by train to Warm Springs, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gives a brief address to Gainesville citizens from his rail car, shortly after a tornado struck the city
  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 9, 1942 Heading south off the coast of Georgia, U-boat 123 sinks the Esparta off the coast of Cumberland Island, Georgia (Camden County).
April 9, 1947 The "Journey of Reconciliation" began, testing the adherence to new integrated interstate bus rules throughout the South, including Georgia. First of a number of "Freedom Rides", as they would later be known, sponsored by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
  The Road to Integration
April 9, 1949 Ray Charles reaches the chart for the first time with Confessin' Blues
  Ray Charles
April 9, 1968 Martin Luther King's funeral is held in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Lester Maddox, governor of the state at the time, refuses to close the state government in honor of the slain Civil Rights leader, or attend the funeral. Maddox felt King was an "enemy of the country." The governor additionally stationed 64 riot-helmeted state troopers at the entrances of the capitol to protect "the property of the state."
April 9, 1968
  Lester Maddox
  Martin Luther King
April 9, 1973 Georgian Tommy Aaron wins the Masters in Augusta
  City of Augusta, Georgia
  Masters Tournament
April 9, 1988 Dave Prater of Sam and Dave dies when his car runs off I-75 in Georgia
April 9, 1998 The National P.O.W. Museum opens at Andersonville, GA
  Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia
  Sumter County, Georgia
April 9, 2003 University of Georgia, Athens hires Dennis Felton to replace former coach Jim Harrick, who left the school following a scandal
  Coach Jim Harrick suspended
April 9, 2006 Phil Mickleson shoots a 3-under round at Augusta National to win his 2nd green jacket
  2006 Masters Tournament
  Masters Tournament
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