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April 15, 1560 [circa] Tristan de Luna detaches 150 men to explore the Alabama River to the north.
  Tristan de Luna
April 15, 1715 Start of Yamasee War (Yamasee Indians vs. South Carolina)
April 15, 1741 The Trustees divide Georgia into two counties, Savannah, with William Stephens as executive and Frederica, with James Oglethorpe as executive
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Fort Frederica
  James Oglethorpe
April 15, 1776 Georgia passes the 'Rules and Regulations,' a document generally viewed as the first constitution of the state.
April 15, 1777 Gwinnett, as leader of the militia, attempts to call a council of war. McIntosh and his commanders, trained Continental soldiers, cannot believe that a politician with no military experience has called such a council and do not attend.
  Lachlan McIntosh
  Button Gwinnett
  Second Florida Expedition
April 15, 1821 Joseph E. Brown is born, Pickens District, South Carolina
  Joseph Emerson Brown
April 15, 1850 Large fire in Atlanta destroys Augustus Wheat's warehouses, store, and livery stable in the area of Auburn Ave. This precipated the formation of the Atlanta Fire Department
April 15, 1862 After minor repairs, the General re-enters service on the Western and Atlantic Railroad
  Western and Atlantic Railroad
April 15, 1891 U. S. President Benjamin Harrison, who served under General William Tecumseh Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign, visits Atlanta
April 15, 1924 (circa) WDBA, Columbus, GA licensed
  Columbus, Georgia
April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson dons a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform and walks onto Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn as firstbaseman (he would later play 2nd base and other positions). At that moment he becomes the first modern-era black player in the history of baseball.
  Jackie Robinson
April 15, 1964 Work begins on Atlanta Stadium, later known as Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium because the city needed financial help to complete the structure.
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
  Fulton County, Georgia
April 15, 1972 The Atlanta Braves premier on WTCG
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
April 15, 1996 Fox Theater, Atlanta is damaged during a fire that destroyed nearby buildings
  Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
April 15, 1998 Tornado strikes Dooly County
  Dooly County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 15, 2005 OutKast settles a lawsuit over the use of Rosa Parks' name on a CD released in 1998.
April 15, 2007 A tree felled by lightning strikes power lines near Waycross, starting the largest wildfire in the history of the state
  Fires scorch Okefenokee and Southeast Georgia
  Camden County, Georgia
  Charlton County, Georgia
  Ware County, Georgia
April 15, 2008 Delta annouces its intention to merge with Northwest Airlines
  Delta Air Lines
April 15, 2008 Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Sage Publications filed a copyright infringement suit against four Georgia State University officials alleging "systematic, widespread and unauthorized copying and distribution of a vast amount of copyrighted works."
  Copyright Lawsuit against Georgia State University
April 15, 2010 According to USA Today, friends of the young college student assaulted by Ben Roethlisberger tried to reach her in the women's restroom during the assault but were prevented by his bodyguards. One friend told a bodyguard the victim was "...too drunk to be alone back there with Ben. We need to get her."
  Milledgeville assault
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