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April 30, 1562 Frenchman Jean Ribault sights land, a point he calls the French Cape (probably near St. Augustine) and heads north along the coast of Florida
  Jean Ribault
April 30, 1606 Bishop Altamirano arrives at Saint Catherine's, where he is greeted by many of the local chiefs.
April 30, 1798 Stephen Decatur appointed midshipman, U. S. Navy
  Stephen Decatur
April 30, 1825 Creek Chief William McIntosh is executed for trading Creek land to the state of Georgia without consent of the Creek tribal council.
  Creek Indians
April 30, 1924 F3 tornadoes strike across north Georgia
  Gwinnett County, Georgia
  Hart County, Georgia
April 30, 1953 A series of tornadoes in Peach, Houstoun, Marion, Twiggs and Bibb Counties left 310 people injured, 20 people dead (some sources say 19) and more than 15 million dollars in property damage, including heavy damage to Warner-Robbins Air Force Base
  Bibb County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 30, 1954 National Weather Service office in downtown Atlanta closes
  National Weather Service
April 30, 1971 In a matter of minutes areas in Ware County receive 2.75 inches of hail
April 30, 1971 Last passenger service run between Macon and Atlanta (on the Nancy Hanks)
April 30, 1984 Police, who now suspect Carlton Gary as the Wynnton Stocking Strangler, attempt to apprehend him at an apartment complex where he is staying. Gary runs out of tthe building, naked.
  Wynnton Stocking Strangler
April 30, 1987 Bill Elliott sets the record for fastest lap in a stock car, 212.809 at Talladega Motor Speedway
  Bill Elliott
April 30, 2002
  Tornado destroys homes in Gordon County
April 30, 2005 At 1:30 am Jennifer Wilbanks calls her fiance John Mason and tells him she has been kidnapped. Authorities trace the phone call to a 7-11 in Albequerque, New Mexico. Local enforcement agents pick her up and take her to the Albequerque PD station, where she is questioned by the FBI and released. They had determined that no kidnapping took place.
  Jennifer Wilbanks, The Runaway Bride
April 30, 2005 Chamblee, Georgia police stop a 1992 Lexus with paper tags. Suspicious of the driver, police took him in for questioning. When they ran his prints they found Ernest Morris was wanted in connection with a triple murder in Philadelphia.
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