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April 8, 1751 Henry Parker is appointed President of Georgia, succeeding Col. William Stephens
  Governors of Georgia, 1733-1800
April 8, 1771 William Rabun born, Halifax County, North Carolina.
  William Rabun
April 8, 1818 General Andrew Jackson orders his men to hang Francis the Prophet and Micco Homollimico, Creek Indians who had been captured a few days earlier.
  Creek Indians
April 8, 1833 The Western Herald begins publication in the town of Auraria, Georgia
April 8, 1835 Convinced that the Cherokee presence in Georgia would soon be extinguished, Samuel Worcester leaves Brainerd, Tennessee and heads to Dwight Mission, Cherokee Nation, West.
April 8, 1853 Anna Mitchell Davenport, co-founder of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, born, Isle of Hope, Georgia
April 8, 1867 General Pope issues orders regarding the registration of voters in Georgia, Florida and Alabama.
April 8, 1935 Gene Sarazen mowed down Craig Wood in a play-off match for the top prize of $1,500 in the August National Golf club's second annual invitation tournament.
April 8, 1942 As part of "Operation Drumbeat," the SS (Steamship) Oklahoma is attacked and sunk by German U-boat 123 within site of St. Simons Island, Georgia (Glynn County). After closing to a distance of 400 meters, Kapitanleutnant Reinhard Hardegan gave the order to fire on the merchant marine vessel. The U-boat fired a single torpedo at the unarmed oil tanker, which suffered a direct hit to its engine room. The tanker went down in minutes and 19 men of the 38 man merchant marine crew died. Hardegan then found the Esso Baton Rouge (3 dead out of a 41 man crew). Among the boats giving aid and assistance was the yacht of Coca-Cola magnate Charles Candler.
  Glynn County, Georgia
April 8, 1968 Max Cleland is wounded by an enemy grenade in Vietnam. As a result of the explosion he lost both legs and his right arm. While in Vietnam he won the Bronze Start of Meritorious Service and the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action.
  Max Cleland
April 8, 1974 Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth's record by hitting home run 715 at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
  Hank Aaron
April 8, 1976 Carter apologizes for "ethnic purity" remark
  Jimmy Carter
April 8, 1998 Deadly tornadoes strike Marietta, Dunwoody, and Duluth
  Marietta, GA
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 8, 2002 Three UGA athletes released on bond in sexual assault case
  UGA sexual assault
April 8, 2006 Strong storms, including imbedded tornadoes, destroy homes and businesses in Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton Counties. A tornado destroys homes and businesses in Crabapple.
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