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Chronology for December 13

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December 13, 1802 Abraham Baldwin's last day as President pro tem of the U. S. Senate
  Abraham Baldwin
December 13, 1808 Pulaski County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Pulaski County, Georgia
December 13, 1843 Town of Marthasville incorporated
December 13, 1858 Echols County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Echols County, Georgia
December 13, 1862 General T. R. R. Cobb dies, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  Thomas Reade Rootes (T. R. R.) Cobb
December 13, 1864 Sherman captures Fort McAllister. Two miles east of the fort his men make contact with the waiting Union fleet marking the end of the March to the Sea
  Civil War - 1864
  March to the Sea
  William Tecumseh Sherman
December 13, 1953 Ben Bernanke is born, Augusta, GA
  Ben Bernanke
December 13, 1961 Slayter King is arrested on the steps of City Hall during a prayer meeting
December 13, 1964 Donald Eugene McGregor dies when a car in which he was a passenger spun out of control and overturned near Brunswick Marina during a rainstorm.
  Donald Eugene McGregor
  Glynn County, Georgia
December 13, 1971 Doe v. Bolton argued before the Supreme Court
  Roe v. Wade expanded in ruling on Doe v. Bolton
December 13, 1973 Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter appears on The New What's My Line, hosted by Larry Blyden, with panel members Gene Shalit, Dana Valery, Arlene Francis and Soupy Sales. They are unable to determine that he is governor of Georgia.
  Jimmy Carter
December 13, 1973 At about 11:20am an F3 tornado strikes Hall County, near Gainesville, and causes 3.0 million in property damage, injuring 21
  Georgia Tornadoes
December 13, 1989 Driving Miss Daisy opens in limited release (3 screens). The blockbuster hit, which starred Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy and Dan Aykroyd was filmed in the Atlanta area. Tandy won Best Actress for her role (Daisy Werthan) and Freeman and Aykroyd were nominated for Best Supporting Actors, but both lost.
  Movies filmed in Georgia
December 13, 2010 DNA tests on three of Carlton Gary's victims (Jean Dimenstein, Kathleen Woodruff and Martha Thurmond) revealed that Gary's DNA was present on Jean Dimenstein. A conclusive match could not be made against Woodruff and his DNA was not present on Thurmond.
  Wynnton Stocking Strangler
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