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Chronology for December 21

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December 21, 1732 The Trustees of the colony of Georgia issue grants of land to Roger and James Lacey, Joseph Hetherington and Philip Bishop in present-day Thunderbolt.
December 21, 1733 Salzburgers arrive in Dover and find the Trustees willing to help with the expense of sailing to Georgia
  Salzburgers in Georgia
December 21, 1733 First land allotment takes effect. Although the land had been designated in July, the deeds were not executed until this date. Included in the designation are recently arrived Jewish Colonists.
  James Oglethorpe
December 21, 1789 First Yazoo Land Act becomes law granting 5,000,000 acres of vacant land to three companies
  Yazoo Land Fraud
December 21, 1789 The Georgia Assembly, unsuccessful in dealing with the headright issue, agrees to sell land to the South Carolina Yazoo Company, The Virginia Yazoo Company and the Tennessee Yazoo Land Company. The deal, selling some 20 million acres falls through when the companies try to pay with near worthless specie
  Georgia headright grants
December 21, 1789 Grants to speculative land companies (The South Carolina Yazoo Company, The Virginia Yazoo Company, and the Tennessee Company) are made by Governor Edward Telfair. These would later fall apart over disagreement of the currency to be used to pay for the land. Patrick Henry is a member of the Virginia Yazoo Company.
December 21, 1819 Rabun County created
  William Rabun
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Rabun County, Georgia
December 21, 1830 The Sixth Georgia Land Lottery, sometimes called the Cherokee Georgia lottery, is authorized by the General Assembly. The major difference between this lottery and the preceding five lotteries is that Georgia did not have a claim to the land it was giving away: The Cherokee had never ceded it.
  Cobb County, Georgia
  Georgia Land Lotteries
  Cherokee County, Georgia
  Lumpkin County, Georgia
  Dawson County, Georgia
  Union County, Georgia
  Whitfield County, Georgia
  Floyd County, Georgia
  Walker County, Georgia
  Cass County, Georgia
December 21, 1830 Cherokee Nation formally claimed by the state of Georgia
  Original Cherokee County
December 21, 1833 The Georgia legislature approves the construction of a railroad connecting Augusta to the Chattahoochee River.
  City of Augusta, Georgia
December 21, 1835 Oglethorpe University is chartered in Milledgeville. It moves to Atlanta in 1913
  Atlanta, Georgia (through 1900)
December 21, 1836 The Western and Atlantic Railroad Company is created by act of the Georgia legislature
  Western and Atlantic Railroad
December 21, 1857 Mitchell County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Mitchell County, Georgia
December 21, 1863 Sidney Winder orders construction to begin on Camp Sumter near Andersonville, Georgia
  Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia
  Sumter County, Georgia
December 21, 1864 William Tecumseh Sherman captures Savannah
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Civil War - 1864
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  March to the Sea
December 21, 1911 Hall of Fame catcher Josh Gibson born, Buena Vista, Georgia
December 21, 1946 Gene Talmadge dies, cirrhosis of liver, beginning Georgia's three governors controversy
  Eugene Talmadge
December 21, 1946 Eugene Talmadge, who had recently been elected, but not inaugurated, governor of Georgia dies, sparking the "three governors controversy"
  Georgia's Three Governors Controversy
December 21, 1953 Governor Gene Talmadge signs into law the Womens Juror Bill
  Women allowed on jury duty
December 21, 1962 Country music singer Christy Forester born, Lookout Mountain, Georgia
December 21, 1974 Georgia loses to Miami, Ohio 21-10 in the Tangerine Bowl
  Vince Dooley
  University of Georgia's post-season appearances
December 21, 2010 Georgia gains a seat in the U. S. House based on the census. It is our 14th seat.
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