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February 14, 1569 In a letter to Philip II, Guerau de Spes claims that John Hawkins has set up a colony in Florida. This is actually remnants of his crew that had made shore following his loss at San Juan de Ulloa.
February 14, 1779 British withdraw from Augusta
  City of Augusta, Georgia
  Georgia and the American Revolution
February 14, 1779 Battle of Kettle Creek - American forces under the command of Andrew Pickens, Elijah Clarke and John Dooley defeat a larger number of British forces in rural Georgia. For more information see: Georgia Fights Back The Battle of Kettle Creek or visit the battlefield at: Kettle Creek battlefield
  Andrew Pickens
  Georgia and the American Revolution
  Wilkes County, Georgia
February 14, 1850 Clinch County created
  Duncan L. (Lamont) Clinch
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Clinch County, Georgia
February 14, 1867 The Augusta Baptist Institute is founded. With dilapidated infrastructure, no records and almost no funds, this was one of the first schools for African-Americans in the state.
February 14, 1891 William Tecumseh Sherman dies, New York City
  William Tecumseh Sherman
February 14, 1914 Augustus Bacon dies, Washington D. C.
  Augustus Bacon
  Bacon County, Georgia
February 14, 1925 US Senator Walter George tells Atlanta mayor Walter Sims that an air route through Atlanta to Florida, and perhaps Panama, is being considered.
  Atlanta Municipal Airport
February 14, 1957 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is founded, with Martin Luther King as its leader.
  Martin Luther King
February 14, 1985 Whitney Houston releases her first album (self-titled). Sales hit 14 million records
  Whitney Houston
February 14, 2000 Tornadoes strike Camilla, Georgia, south of Albany
  Worth County, Georgia
  Tornadoes kill 19 in Southwest Georgia
  Mitchell County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Turner County, Georgia
  Tift County, Georgia
  Colquitt County, Georgia
  Grady County, Georgia
  Decatur County, Georgia
February 14, 2005 ChoicePoint acknowledges that criminals had scammed the company out of the personal information it collects on virtually every person in the United States. They estimate that 35,000 Californians may be affected. "California is the focus of the investigation and we don't have any evidence to indicate at this point that the situation has spread beyond California," company spokesman Chuck Jones said. "If at some point in time we get information that it's in other areas, we'll revisit the disclosure."
  ChoicePoint scandal
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