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February 16, 1757 Henry Ellis arrives in Savannah, carrying his orders to replace John Reynolds as Governor. Reynolds immediately sets sail on the Charming Martha, leaving Ellis in charge.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Governors of Georgia, 1733-1800
February 16, 1776 Col. Lachlan McIntosh, commander of Amercan forces in Georgia, informs General Washington of of five British warships in Tybee Inlet. (Syren, Scarborough, Raven, Tamer, and Cherokee)
  Lachlan McIntosh
  George Washington
February 16, 1776 Georgia's militia officers sign loyalty oath to the radicals
February 16, 1804 Stephen Decatur promoted to Captain, U. S. Navy, He recaptured the USS Philadelphia in the harbor of Tripoli and destroyed the vessel to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
  Stephen Decatur
February 16, 1810 Chief Justice John Marshall in Fletcher vs. Peck renders Peck's title to land purchased during the Yazoo Land Fraud as valid
  Yazoo Land Fraud
  Fletcher v. Peck
February 16, 1845 Julia Scarborough Barnsley dies, Savannah, Georgia
  Savannah, Georgia births and deaths
  Godfrey Barnsley and Barnsley Gardens
February 16, 1854 Clay County created
  Henry Clay
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Clay County, Georgia
February 16, 1856 Terrell County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Terrell County, Georgia
February 16, 1863 The CSS Chattahoochee, a twin-screw steam powered gunboat built in Saffold, Georgia (Early County, just north of the Florida-Georgia state line) enters service
  Early County, Georgia
February 16, 1966 The Atlanta Falcons round out their roster with an additional 42 players via a supplimental league draft.
  Atlanta Falcons
February 16, 1990 Heavy rains began falling in north Georgia. Combined with soggy ground from earlier rainfall this results in the downtown area of Mccaysville, Georgia flooding
February 16, 1993 Jimmy Carter and Michael Jackson are appointed co-chairs of the "Heal Our Children" initiative
  Jimmy Carter
February 16, 2002 Investigators find bodies at Walker County crematorium
February 16, 2005 Lt. Paul Denny of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department disputes the figures offered by ChoicePoint. "We know that there is a national number that is much larger than that" he said, referring to the 35,000 people ChoicePoint announced had been affected.
  ChoicePoint scandal
February 16, 2005 ChoicePoint announces that a credit scandal previously believed to have only affected California residents actually affects people from across the United States.
  ChoicePoint scandal
February 16, 2005 2004-2005 hockey season cancelled over contract dispute.
  Atlanta Thrashers
February 16, 2010 President Obama announced an $8.33 billion loan guarantee for the new Vogtle reactors (Wayneboro, Georgia), the first step in the Administration's push to jump-start the nuclear construction industry.
  Burke County, Georgia
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