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Chronology for February 21

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February 21, 1734 First Masonic meeting in Georgia held at Fort Morris in Sunbury.
February 21, 1787 The Continental Congress calls for a Constitutional Convention to begin on May 14 to revise the Articles of Confederation.
February 21, 1796 At the state capital in Louisville, Georgia's reform politicians burn every copy of the Yazoo Land Act except for one sent to General George Washington. It is the only known copy of the act to survive
  Georgia headright grants
February 21, 1809 Cherokee Chief James Vann is shot and killed at his Chattahoochee Plantation (near Vann's Ferry across the Chattahoochee River)
February 21, 1828 The Cherokee Phoenix, first Native American newspaper, rolls off the press in New Echota.
February 21, 1828 First issue of the Cherokee Phoenix rolls off the press
February 21, 1856 Kinchafoonee County, Georgia is renamed to Webster County. At the same time the name of the county seat was changed from McIntosh to Preston.
  Daniel Webster
  Webster County, Georgia
February 21, 1861 After being cut off from the U. S. Postal Service the Confederate States of America organized their own post office with John H. Reagan as Postmaster General
February 21, 1861 Robert Toombs selected Secretary of State, Confederate States of America
  Robert Toombs
February 21, 1938 Anti-lynching legislation is defeated in the U. S. Senate. Georgia Senator Russell led the "Southern bloc" against the NAACP supported bill.
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
February 21, 1940 John Lewis, civil rights leader and congressman from Georgia born near Troy, Alabama
February 21, 1954 Nelson Robert Duncan, who was on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list is apprehended in Atlanta, Georgia by police who were investigating an open skylight in a local grocery store. Duncan was attempting to burglarize the store safe.
February 21, 1958 Gov. Marvin Griffin signs a bill creating the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, superceding the old Authority.
  Stone Mountain
February 21, 1962 Diocese of Atlanta become an Archdiocese with the appointment of Most Rev. Paul J. Hallinan, D.D. as archbishop
February 21, 1986 9 1/2 Weeks, starring Kim Basinger, opens in the United States
  Kim Basinger
February 21, 1997 The Otherside Lounge is the target of two bombs, the first injuring five people, the second harmlessly detonated outside the bar.
  Eric Rudolph and the Atlanta Area bombings
February 21, 1998 Julian Bond chosen NAACP chairman
  Julian Bond
February 21, 2000 The Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center opens at Callaway Gardens
  Callaway Gardens
February 21, 2005 ChoicePoint confirms that criminals gained access to records for about 145,000 people, allowing them to see information such as Social Security numbers, date of birth and driver's license numbers. It is one of the largest cases identity thefts ever reported. Lt. Robert Costa of the Southern California High Tech Task Force reiterated that the unit believed the figure was closer to 500,000 and stated that ChoicePoint has hindered the investigation by failing to provide information requested in search warrants issued in November and December.
  ChoicePoint scandal
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