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January 10, 1736 Scottish Highlanders under the command of Hugh MacKaye arrive in Savannah on the Prince of Wales.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
January 10, 1749 James Habersham and Rev. George Whitefield among others, petition for the repeal of the ban against slaves. Georgia President William Stevens signs the petition.
January 10, 1778 John Houstoun becomes the first native-born Georgian to lead the executive branch.
  John Houstoun, Patriot
  Governors of Georgia, 1733-1800
January 10, 1800 Savannah, Georgia records 18 inches of snow
  City of Savannah, Georgia
January 10, 1815 British troops land on Cumberland Island, off the coast of Georgia.
  Camden County, Georgia
January 10, 1832 Secretary of War Lewis Cass responds to the official protest of the Cherokee Nation against the state of Georgia, claiming Andrew Jackson is "...anxious for the termination of all your difficulties"
  Lewis Cass
January 10, 1861 Florida secedes from the Union
January 10, 1926 Atlanta Federal Reserve Board Chairman Max Wellborn warns all member banks in Florida that "new deposits soon would melt like snow in the sun, " correctly predicting the failure of more than 100 banks.
January 10, 1961 Judge W. A. Bootle issues a temporary injunction preventing Georgia governor Earnest Vandiver from cutting off funds to the University of Georgia to prevent black Americans from attending class.
  Donald L. Hollowell
  University of Georgia, Athens (UGA)
  Ernest Vandiver, Jr.
January 10, 1961 University of Georgia quarterback Fran Tarkenton, picked by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round of the draft, announces he has signed a contract with the expansion team
January 10, 1966 Georgia legislature refuses to seat Julian Bond because of his advocation of draft-dodging. Bond would have been the first black legislator in Georgia since Reconstruction
  Julian Bond
January 10, 1972 An F3 tornado sweeps through Fulton and Dekalb Counties, killing one person and injuring 9 while causing half a million dollars in property damage
  Fulton County, Georgia
  DeKalb County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
January 10, 1994 Houston Street is renamed John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.
January 10, 1997 80 acres of land including the historic Powers Cabin are added to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
January 10, 2005 Councilman R. J. Kurey adds words to the city charter when reading from it into the record of an Alpharetta City Council meeting. When another councilman asks for a copy of the charter Kurey was reading from later in the day, Kurey replied "Kiss my [deleted], you pompous SOB!
  Alpharetta City Council
January 10, 2009 King Nut voluntarily recalls peanut butter manufactured for it by Peanut Corporation of America at their Blakely, Georgia plant. The Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture matches the salmonella from King Nut peanut butter to the illnesses in Minnesota
  Early County, Georgia
  Peanut Corporation of America Salmonella Outbreak
January 10, 2011 Emmanuel Hammond, convicted of the murder of Julie Love files a petition for writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court, which was denied.
  Murder of Julie Love
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