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January 14, 1733 The Ann sets sail for Port Royal with Oglethorpe and the colonists
  James Oglethorpe
January 14, 1739 George Whitefield ordained a minister in the Church of England
  George Whitefield
January 14, 1739 First Convention of El Pardo. England signs a preliminary agreement with Spain, leaving to a board of commissioners to be appointed by both countries the determination of the Spanish-English border (Georgia-Florida). England never ratifies the agreement.
  First Convention of The Pardo (El Pardo)
January 14, 1776 William Bartram returns to Augusta, Georgia
  William Bartram
January 14, 1784 Treaty of Paris is approved by the United States, officially ending the American Revolution
  Georgia and the American Revolution
January 14, 1796 Responding to public pressure, almost all legislators who profited from the Yazoo Land Act are removed from office. U.S. Senator James Jackson, now a member of the state legislature, convenes the so-called "Reform Legislature"
  James Jackson
  Yazoo Land Fraud
January 14, 1833 Mercer Institute is founded by Jesse Mercer in Penfield, GA. It will change its name to Mercer University in 1837
January 14, 1835 James Moore Wayne becomes a U. S. Supreme Court justice, the first justice from Georgia. He was nominated by Andrew Jackson on January 6 and confirmed by Congress on January 9.
January 14, 1940 Julian Bond born, Nashville, Tennessee
  Julian Bond
January 14, 1963 Jimmy Carter sworn in as state senator
  Jimmy Carter
January 14, 1966 7 county raid centered in Swainsboro nets 63 stills
  Emanuel County, Georgia
January 14, 1974 Wayne Coleman goes on trial for the Alday family murders. He will be convicted and sentenced to death.
  Alday family murders
January 14, 1989 Louise Suggs, Tommie Aaron, Thomas William Barnes, Arnold Blum, Alexa Stirling Frazer, William Goodloe, Watts Gunn, Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., Mary Dorothy Kirby, Hugh Royer, Jr., Doug Sanders, Harold Sargent and Charlie Yates become the first people inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame
  Louise Suggs
January 14, 1990 Jim Williams found dead in his home
  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
January 14, 1991 Zell Miller inaugurated as Georgia's 79th governor
  Zell Miller
January 14, 1994 Ralph David Abernathy III, is stopped in East Point, GA. and charged with running a red light, failure to yield to an Emergency Vehicle, and Reckless Driving
  Ralph David Abernathy III
January 14, 1998 State senate votes to censure Ralph David Abernathy III
  Ralph David Abernathy III
January 14, 1999 OutKast tour begins. They open for headliner Lauryn Hill
January 14, 2002 Young student on the UGA Campus is sexually assaulted.
  UGA sexual assault
  Clarke County, Georgia
January 14, 2005 Federal judge Clarence Cooper rules Cobb County stickers refering to evolution as being theory are unconstituional.
  Clarence Cooper
January 14, 2011 Oglethorpe Bank, Brunswick, GA fails. Assets are purchased by Bank of the Ozarks.
  Bank Failures in Georgia
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