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Chronology for January 22

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January 22, 1746 Among the passengers arriving at Fort Frederica on the Judith is future governor John Truetlen
  John Treutlen
January 22, 1776 Archibald Bulloch elected President of the Council of Safety
  Archibald Bulloch
  Governors of Georgia, 1733-1800
  Georgia and the American Revolution
January 22, 1796 Report of the Yazoo Land Fraud presented to the Reform Legislature
  Yazoo Land Fraud
January 22, 1818 Andrew Jackson leaves Nashville, Tennessee, headed for Fort Scott, Georgia to take command of the Georgia troops during the First Seminole War.
January 22, 1818 Treaty with Creek at Creek Agency on the Flint River
  Atkinson County, Georgia
  Creek Indians
January 22, 1837 Genral Thomas Jesup, leading a combined force of Georgia irregular Cavalry and Alabama volunteers leave Fort Armstrong during the Second Seminole War
January 22, 1852 City of Marietta incorporated
  Marietta, GA
January 22, 1936 Margaret Mitchell completes the final revision of Gone With The Wind
  Gone With The Wind
  Margaret Mitchell
January 22, 1973 Using the Roe v. Wade ruling made earlier in the day, the Supreme Court decides to dramatically widen its pro-choice ruling by striking down Georgia's more liberal abortion laws. Although it is Roe v. Wade that is normally cited, it was Doe v. Bolton that is the landmark ruling on laws prohibiting abortions.
  Roe v. Wade expanded in ruling on Doe v. Bolton
January 22, 1981 Terry Pue, 15, strangled
  Atlanta Child Murders
January 22, 1998 Jordan denies that he told Monica Lewinsky to lie about her affair with President Clinton. Jordan claims that Lewinsky told him she had not had an affair with Clinton
  Vernon Jordan
January 22, 2000 An ice storm wrecks havoc from Douglasville to Rome, east to Atlanta and further east into the Georgia mountains north of Athens.
January 22, 2001 Randy Thompson, a Forsyth County firefighter, dies after exhibiting "flu-like" symptoms for several days. His live-in companion is Lynn Turner.
  Forsyth County, Georgia
  Lynn Turner
January 22, 2007 The Florida Attorney-General's office decides not to press charges for possession of marijuana against Falcons QB Michael Vick.
  Michael Vick
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