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Chronology for July 14

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July 14, 1742 Parliament repeals the "rum act," directing the Trustees to allow importation of rum into the colony of Georgia
July 14, 1774 The Georgia Gazette publishes an invitation to a meeting at the "liberty pole" at Tondee's Tavern signed by George Walton, John Houstoun, Noble W. Jones and Archibald Bulloch
  John Houstoun, Patriot
  George Walton
July 14, 1787 James Gunn, Abraham Baldwin and James Jackson visit William Bartram's home in Philadelphia
  William Bartram
  James Jackson
  Abraham Baldwin
  James Gunn
  James Jackson
July 14, 1794 Col. Gaither tells Gov. Mathews that Elijah Clarke has crossed the Oconee and is camped near Fort Fidius
July 14, 1820 Stephen Harriman Long names and makes the first ascent to the top of Pike's Peak (now Colorado)
  Zebulon Pike
  Stephen Harriman Long
July 14, 1846 Responding to a firm anti-war (Mexican-American War) stance from the Whigs, Democrat Hershel V. Johnson charges Whig Alexander Stephens is a liar. Stephens challenged Johnson to a duel, which never occured. Athough they would eventually become close friends, Johnson and Stephens would not speak for 9 years.
  Alexander Stephens
  Herschel V. Johnson
July 14, 1865 Atlanta National Bank, the first national bank in Georgia (and the Southeastern United States) is proposed by Alfred Austell
  Wachovia and First Union Banks
July 14, 1914 Candler County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Candler County, Georgia
July 14, 1931 Bobby Jones announces his intent to build a golf course (Augusta National) on the old Fruitland Manor Corp. property he had recently purchased. This course is today home to the Masters Tournament.
  City of Augusta, Georgia
July 14, 1932 Roosevelt (Rosey) Grier born, Cuthbert, Georgia
  Randolph County, Georgia
July 14, 1968 Henry Aaron hits his 500th home run.
  Hank Aaron
July 14, 1994 Flash floods in Terrell County. Sheriff Department reported numerous flash flooding of roads due to rising creek that had been inundated by rain. A woman died when her car was swept off a road in Dawson by the floodwater of the Chickasawhatchee River
July 14, 2009 The U. S. prison web site reports that Bernie Madoff has moved to Atlanta Federal Penitentiary and assigned the number 61727-054.
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