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July 2, 1767 Third Townshend Act
July 2, 1791 Treaty with the Cherokee, commonly called the Treaty of the Holston. This treaty redefined the cession of a portion of Georgia including Currahee Mountain, based on a 1790 treaty with the Creek Indians.
  Treaty with the Cherokee
July 2, 1810 Robert Augustus Toombs born, Wilkes County, Georgia
  Wilkes County, Georgia
  Robert Toombs
July 2, 1861 Farish Carter dies, Milledgeville
July 2, 1864 Harpers Weekly features sketch of the "Battle of Woodlands"
  Godfrey Barnsley and Barnsley Gardens
July 2, 1864 Union force capture Sweetwater Mill at New Manchester, GA.
July 2, 1930 Following his victory in the British Open, golfer Bobby Jones is the guest of honor at a New Yok ticker type parade.
  Bobby Jones
  Bobby Jones wins the Grand Slam of golf
July 2, 1942 Eighth Army Air Corps flies the first European mission of the USAAC (United States Army Air Corps). It is a low-level bombing run against a series of small air bases in the Netherlands. For some reason this date is frequently misquoted as July 4 and the location moved to the marshalling area at Rouen.
  Eighth Air Force
July 2, 1956 Diocese of Atlanta is established
July 2, 1957 Senator Richard B. Russell speaks on the floor of the U. S. Senate in an attempt to weaken the Civil Rights bill now under consideration. The senator claims the bill will unfairly "punish The South" and claims that President Eisenhower does not understand the full implications of the bill.
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
July 2, 1963 Warren Spahn in epic battle against Juan Marichal, as they each pitched 16 scoreless innings. Marichal's Giants eventually beat Spahn's Braves 1-0 on a Willie Mays homer
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
July 2, 1966 Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe reaches #8 on Billboard
  Tommy Roe
July 2, 1976 In Gregg vs. Georgia the U. S. Supreme Court upholds the death penalty for murder, clarifying an earlier opinion that found the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment because of its arbitrary application
July 2, 2002 Police in Thailand arrest James Sullivan at the exclusive Springfield Beach Resort for conspiring to kill his wife Lita in 1987. A local citizen had seen Sullivan on America's Most Wanted. This date is occasionally listed as July 1, local Atlanta time.
  James Sullivan and the murder of Lita Sullivan
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