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July 25, 1498 In a letter written by Pedro de Ayala, sent to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, he protested that the "new-found-land" of Henry VII had been discovered by "Genoese like Columbus" and was within the realm of the Spanish monarchy. Apparently, John Cabot had sailed far enough south by this time for Ayala, then in the Carribean, to know where he was.
July 25, 1729 All but one of the Carolina Proprietors return their land to England
July 25, 1736 Work begins on a road between Fort St. Simon and Fort Frederica. The road is usable in 3 days.
  Fort Frederica
July 25, 1782 Lt. Col. James Jackson, leading a group of Georgia militia briefly engage British forces on Skidaway Island. This is the final action in the coastal war.
  James Jackson
  Georgia and the American Revolution
July 25, 1801 John Milledge purchases more than 600 acres of land, which he donates to the University of Georgia. It becomes the school's only home, Athens, Georgia.
  University of Georgia, Athens (UGA)
July 25, 1825 Henry "Obediah" Barber born, Bryan County, Georgia
  Bryan County, Georgia
  Henry Obediah Barber
July 25, 1884 First professional baseball game played in Atlanta (Present-day campus of Georgia Tech). Atlanta defeated Augusta.
July 25, 1946 Four blacks, two of whom were female, are pulled from a car in Walton County by a gang of white men. One of the men had been accused of attacking his employer and had just been bailed out of jail. According to testimony, one of the females recognized the attackers. All four were murdered. This incident is commonly called the "Walton County Massacre"
  Walton County, Georgia
July 25, 1962 In a meeting at Dick Gay's Cue Room, Dr. Martin Luther King and others appeal to activists to maintain a nonviolent attitude
July 25, 1972 The Tuskegee Experiment exposed by the Washington Evening Star.
  Syphilis experiment exposed
July 25, 1972 Major League Baseball's All-Star Game held at Atlanta Stadium. Hank Aaron hit a two-run homer to left in the sixth inning, gaving the NL a 2-1 lead. The National League won the game in 10 innings, 4-3
  Hank Aaron
July 25, 2002 4 murders on the streets of Savannah make this one of the bloodiest days in recent history
  City of Savannah, Georgia
July 25, 2008 OSHA fines Imperial Sugar, owner of the Dixie Crystals plant that exploded near Savannah, 8.8 million dollars.
  Dixie Crystal Plant Explosion
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