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June 1, 1588 Vincente Gonzalez leaves St. Augustine in search of a rumored English colony on the Southeastern coast of the present-day United States. He explores much of the Georgia coast
June 1, 1711 Queen Anne's Act (the British Postal Act) goes into effect in English colonies in North America. When Georgia is founded, postal service is governed by this act.
June 1, 1768 Benjamin Franklin becomes Georgia's colonial agent
  Benjamin Franklin
June 1, 1773 Royal Governor James Wright and British Indian Agent John Stuart conclude a meeting to resolve boundary disputes with the Treaty of Augusta, which ceded some 675,000 acres from the Creek Nation to the state of Georgia.
  James Wright
  Creek Indians
  Taliaferro County, Georgia
  City of Augusta, Georgia
June 1, 1785 Oglethorpe meets John Adams, first minister to the Court of St. James
  James Oglethorpe
June 1, 1787 William Houston arrives at the Constitutional Convention
June 1, 1818 Surveyors designate the Camak Stone as the western end of Georgia and Tennessee. They are about 1 mile south of the actual border, the 35th parallel.
June 1, 1830 Hall, Habersham, Carroll, Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties are now responsible for enforcing civil law in the Cherokee Nation, at least as far as the state of Georgia is concerned
  Original Cherokee County
  Hall County, Georgia
  Habersham County, Georgia
  Carroll County, Georgia
  DeKalb County, Georgia
  Gwinnett County, Georgia
June 1, 1830 Georgia annexes the entire Cherokee Nation
June 1, 1832 Thomas Sumter died, near Stateburg, SC
  Thomas Sumter
  Sumter County, Georgia
June 1, 1869 Building of Morehouse College (formerly the Augusta Baptist Institute) begins.
June 1, 1886 All U. S. railroads are required to re-gauge to a width of 4' 8 1/2", to comply with the northern railroads. Prior to this time railroads in Georgia (and some other southern states) had been gauged at 5'0"
June 1, 1887 Future Gov. Hoke Smith buys an interest in the Atlanta Journal and becomes president of the paper
June 1, 1892 Grady Hospital in Atlanta accepts its first patients.
  Atlanta, Georgia (through 1900)
June 1, 1900 Mary Phagan born, Marietta, Georgia
  Marietta, GA
  Leo Frank and the murder of Mary Phagan
June 1, 1903 Tornado strikes Gainesville, Georgia and Hall County
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Hall County, Georgia
June 1, 1948 France announces it will join Britain and the United States, and allow its quarter of Germany to merge with "Bizonia" and form "Trizonia" (West Germany)
  General Lucius D. Clay
June 1, 1980 President Jimmy Carter visits Vernon Jordan in Fort Wayne, Indiana as Jordan is recovering from an attempted assassination.
  Jimmy Carter
  Vernon Jordan
June 1, 1980 Ted Turner briefly introduces CNN (Cable News Network) from Atlanta. David Walker and Lois Hart then begin the first show.
June 1, 1981 Carl Vinson dies, Milledgeville
  Carl Vinson, Father of the Two Ocean Navy
June 1, 1987 Unit 1 of the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant becomes operational in Waynesboro, Georgia
  Burke County, Georgia
June 1, 2007 Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and the Folkston Post Office celebrated the release of a new "Okefenokee Swamp" Postage Stamp. The stamp is part of the Scenic American Landscape series.
  Charlton County, Georgia
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