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Chronology for June 11

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June 11, 1559 Tristane de Luna (Don Tristan de Luna y Arellano) sets sail from Vera Cruz to La Florida with orders to establish a gulf port and an overland route to Santa Elana.
  Tristan de Luna
June 11, 1562 After establishing a settlement near Beaufort, South Carolina, Jean Ribault heads back to France
  Jean Ribault
June 11, 1741 Joseph Warren born, Roxbury, Massachusetts.
  Joseph Warren
June 11, 1773 Royal governor James Wright issues a proclamation describing land recently ceded by the Creek Indians, encouraging farmers and artisans to settle with their families.
  James Wright
  Creek Indians
June 11, 1787 Abraham Baldwin arrives at the Constitutional Convention
  Abraham Baldwin
June 11, 1818 President James Monroe learns that Andrew Jackson, while pursuing the Seminole Indians, has decided to take the Spanish colony of Florida.
June 11, 1863 Union troops on St. Simons Island loot and destroy Christ Church Frederica, the city of St. Simons and many of the plantations.
  Civil War - 1863
June 11, 1907 John Hollis Bankhead begins serving as U. S. Senator from Alabama.
  John Hollis Bankhead
June 11, 1985 The Georgia Supreme Court overturns the lower court ruling, orders new trial for Jim Williams
  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
June 11, 1993 Moose Moss Aquatic Center is dedicated in Moultrie, Georgia
  Colquitt County, Georgia
June 11, 1999 Actor DeForest Kelley dies from stomach cancer, Woodland Hills, California
  DeForest Kelley
June 11, 2002 Life College, Marietta, Georgia, the largest Chiropractic College in the nation, loses its accreditation.
  Marietta, GA
June 11, 2004 Ray Charles dies in Los Angeles, California
  Ray Charles
June 11, 2005 Katie Couric is the first newsperson to interview Jennifer Wilbanks
  Jennifer Wilbanks, The Runaway Bride
June 11, 2007 Genarlow Wilson conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old is overturned in a Superior Court.
  Genarlow Wilson
June 11, 2007 A Monroe County Superior Court judge reduces Genarlow Wilson's conviction to a misdemeanor and orders him freed. Attorney General Thurbert Baker appeals the decision to the Georgia Supreme Court.
  Genarlow Wilson
June 11, 2011 Kansas City Chiefs tight end Leonard Pope rescues Bryson Moore from a pool in Americus, Georgia. Bryson had fallen into the deep-end and was underwater.
  Sumter County, Georgia
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