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March 25, 1584 Queen Elizbeth grants a charter to Sir Walter Raleigh to establish the first English colony in the New World. Rather than sailing due west from England and landing in Newfoundland, Raleigh opts to head south, then turn west at the Canary Islands, along the route first established by Columbus. Once in the New World, Raleigh followed the coast north (sailing past Georgia) to Roanoke Island.
March 25, 1740 George Whitefield "laid the foundation" for Bethesda Orphanage
  George Whitefield
March 25, 1800 Greene County, New York, named in honor of Nathanael Greene, is created
  Nathanael Greene
March 25, 1822 James Pierpont, who wrote Jingle Bells, born
March 25, 1863 Secretary of War Edwin Stanton presents the first Medals of Honor to six participants of the Great Locomotive Chase (known in the North as Andrew's Raid).
March 25, 1867 Gutzon Borglum (John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum) born in Bear Lake, Idaho
  John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum
March 25, 1925 Flannery O'Connor (sometimes mispelled as O'Conner) is born in Savannah, Georgia
  Savannah, Georgia births and deaths
  Flannery O'Connor
March 25, 1934 Horton Smith wins the Augusta National. Bobby Jones finishes 13th, his best showing ever.
  City of Augusta, Georgia
  Masters Tournament
March 25, 1937 While researching the movie George Cukor and his staff spoke with Atlanta historian/painter Wilbur Kurtz. He is hired as technical director.
  Gone With The Wind
March 25, 1965 Martin Luther King addresses a crowd of 25,000 in Montgomery, AL., many of whom had been beaten earlier in the month at the Edmund Pettis Bridge.
  Martin Luther King
March 25, 1969 Allman Brothers Band forms in Jacksonville, Florida
  Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers Band
March 25, 1970 "Mary Doe" applies for a "therapeutic abortion" (allowed under Georgia's laws), but is turned down.
  Roe v. Wade expanded in ruling on Doe v. Bolton
March 25, 2001 Julia Roberts wins an Academy Award for Erin Brockovich
  Julia Roberts
March 25, 2003 Larry Eugene Moon, convicted of murdering Ricky Callahan who entered a Catoosa County store to buy aspirin for his wife in 1984, is put to death by lethal injection.
  Catoosa County, Georgia
March 25, 2005 Ashley Smith receives $70,000 for her role in capturing courthouse killer Brian Nichols
  Atlanta courthouse attack
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