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March 27, 1734 Oglethorpe arrives in Charleston on the first leg of a trip that will take him to England. With him are Tomochichi and other Indians
  Tomochichi's trip to England
  James Oglethorpe
March 27, 1777 Unable to raise a militia large enough to accomplish his goals, Button Gwinnett requests the assistance of Continental commander Lachlan McIntosh to launch the Second Florida Expedition
  Button Gwinnett
  Second Florida Expedition
  Lachlan McIntosh
March 27, 1814 General Andrew Jackson defeats the Creek Red Stick faction at Horseshoe Bend of the Tallapoosa River (now Alabama).
March 27, 1825 Marquis de LaFayette spends the night at the Gachet house, Lamar County, Georgia
  Lamar County, Georgia
March 27, 1836 James Fannin and his regiment are executed in Goliad after surrendering during the Battle of Coleto
  James Walker Fannin
March 27, 1864 Herny Wirz takes command of the inmates at Camp Sumter (Andersonville)
  Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia
March 27, 1941 Eleanor Roosevelt in Valdosta
  Eleanor Roosevelt dedicates library in Valdosta
  Lowndes County, Georgia
March 27, 1941 The state creates the Stone Mountain State Park Authority
  Stone Mountain
March 27, 1970 Georgia ratifies the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote
March 27, 1994 The Palm Sunday Killer tornadoes destroy a church in Piedmont, AL (west of Cedartown) before killing 18 in Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
March 27, 1996 Gays Hill Baptist Church, Millen, burns
  Jenkins County, Georgia
March 27, 2002 President George W. Bush delivers a major speech on Homeland Security at Georgia Tech
March 27, 2005 Hail the size of baseballs and golf balls was reported as well as flooding rivers including the Flint River in Culloden; the Ocmulgee in Hawkinsville, Abbeville and Macon; the Oconee in Dublin and Penfield; Big Creek near Alpharetta; and the Chattahoochee River in Whitesburg.
March 27, 2008 Charles Johnson enters Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. He stalks a male nurse whom he blames for his mother's death in 2004 and kills him. He kills two more people while making his escape before being shot by a Columbus police detective.
  Gunman at Doctors Hospital
  Columbus, Georgia
  Muscogee County, Georgia
March 27, 2009 Omni National Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, was closed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was named Receiver. SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, will act as paying agent for the insured deposits.
  Bank Failures in Georgia
March 27, 2009 Shirley Sherrod gives a speech at the Atlanta NAACP regional meeting in which she describes helping a white farmer (Roger and Eloise Spooner) in 1985. Sherrod's father had been killed by racists in 1960.
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