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May 16, 1752 Puritans arrive in Georgia from South Carolina
  Liberty County, Georgia
May 16, 1777 Button Gwinnett, with his second George Wells and Lachlan McIntosh, with his second Col. Joseph Habersham square off in a duel just east of Savannah, Georgia. At 12 paces (about 60 feet), the General and Gwinnett fire pistols. McIntosh sustains an wound in his leg while Gwinnett is shot in the hip. Unaware of the severity of Gwinnett's wound, McIntosh asks if Gwinnett wants to duel again.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Button Gwinnett
  Georgia and the American Revolution
  Lachlan McIntosh
May 16, 1831 Governor Gilmer advises Samuel Worcester that the Georgia law requiring white men to take an oath of allegiance to state applies to everybody. In the same letter Gilmer advises Worcester that he has been relieved from his job as postmaster.
  George Gilmer
May 16, 1832 H. I. (Hannibal Ingalls) Kimball born, Hamlin Gore, Maine
May 16, 1871 South End Grounds, first home of today's Atlanta Braves, opens in Boston
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
May 16, 1901 The General goes on display at the Union Depot in Chattanooga, Tennessee
May 16, 1901 The Chattanooga, Rome and Southern Railroad is acquired by the Central of Georgia Railroad
  Rome, Georgia
May 16, 1902 The North Georgia Electric Company is formed to build a dam and power plant on the Chattahoochee River near Gainesville, Georgia (now under Lake Lanier).
May 16, 1936 World record in high hurdle set by Georgia track star Forrest Towns
May 16, 1938 Terminal Hotel on the corner of Spring and Mitchell Street in Atlanta burns, killing 34.
May 16, 1938 Atlanta's Terminal Hotel destroyed by fire. 34 people die.
May 16, 1960 Peyton Hawes, of Elberton, calls Senator Russell with the idea of adding two dams on the Savannah River. Although the idea is tabled, one of the lakes formed by these dams will be named for the senator.
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
May 16, 1966 11 people were injured in a tornado that touched down in Muscogee County Georgia, causing almost 3 million dollars of damage.
  Muscogee County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
May 16, 1970 "Man o' War," Central of Georgia rail service between Columbus and Atlanta ends.
  Columbus, Georgia
May 16, 1997 Margaret Mitchell house, where the author lived as she penned Gone With The Wind, is dedicated and opens to the public.
  Margaret Mitchell
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