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May 21, 1721 HMS Enterprise arrives in Charles Town with a contingent of troops (His Majesty's Independent Company of Foot) to build Fort King George, near the present-day town of Darien, Georgia
May 21, 1733 First treaty with the Creek Indians. When Oglethorpe landed, Tomochichi had granted Oglethorpe the right to use the land on the Savannah River, but explained that chiefs of the Creek Nation needed to also approve the transfer of land.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Creek Indians
  Oglethorpe signs treaty with Creek
May 21, 1766 The Georgia Gazette resumes publication
May 21, 1776 Button Gwinnett and Lyman Hall arrive in Philadelphia to attend the Second Continental Congress
May 21, 1781 Battle of Fort Dreadnought
  Georgia and the American Revolution
May 21, 1781 Battle of Fort Galphin, on Silver Bluff near Augusta
  Georgia and the American Revolution
May 21, 1799 Stephen Decatur commissioned Lieutenant, U. S. Navy
  Stephen Decatur
May 21, 1825 6 West Point cadets are found at Benny Havens's pub without permission. Among them is Jefferson Davis
  Jefferson Davis
May 21, 1875 Augusta Canal receives funding for enlargement
May 21, 1894 General Philip Cook died, Atlanta, Georgia
  Philip Cook, CSA
May 21, 1917 Atlanta Fire destroys 300 acres of homes and businesses totaling 1938 structures. Although 10,000 people were displaced by the fire no one was killed.
  Atlanta, Georgia (1900-2000)
May 21, 1932 Rock City opens atop Lookout Mountain
  Lookout Mountain
May 21, 1936 Margaret Mitchell assigns MacMillen the right to sell Gone With The Wind to a production studio
  Gone With The Wind
  Margaret Mitchell
May 21, 1944 Eighth Air Force begins Operation Chattanooga Choo-Choo, systematic raids in Germany and France designed to destroy the Nazi's ability to move munitions and supplies by railroad. It is specifically designed to soften up German lines in advance of D-Day
  Eighth Air Force
May 21, 1952 Callaway Gardens opens (it was called Ida Cason's Gardens at the time).
  Callaway Gardens
  Cason J. Callaway
May 21, 1955 Telephone worker strike ends.
May 21, 1956 Brenda Lee, then 11, is signed to a recording contract by Decca Records
  Brenda Lee
May 21, 1980 Jimmy Carter declares environmental state of emergency and orders the evacuation of residents of the Love Canal
  Jimmy Carter
May 21, 2004 Georgia Senator Zell Miller, retiring at the end of this term, announces he will not teach at his alma mater, Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia. Professor David Franklin penned a letter the Senator labeled as "vitrolic." Miller compared the enviroment at the college to Washington, D. C., and stated that he would not "put up with this kind of vitriol." In the letter, Franklin bitterly complained about the HOPE scholarship funding and Miller's stand on Iraq prisoner abuse.
  Zell Miller
  Towns County, Georgia
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