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September 10, 1565 Jean Ribault, having followed the Spanish fleet north, put into Ft. Caroline. Informed of the Spanish movement from Havana, Ribault, Laudonniere and others leave to attack the Spanish settlement by sea.
  Jean Ribault
  Rene Goulaine De Laudonniere
September 10, 1736 Responding to the threat of Spanish troops, General Oglethorpe writes his friend, Sir Joseph Jekyll, and mentions that Spain has 1,500 regulars in St. Augustine while there is only militia in Georgia
  James Oglethorpe
September 10, 1775 Non-importation agreement by provincial congress goes into effect
September 10, 1775 Captain Oliver Bowen and Major Joseph Habersham are ordered to Tybee Island to watch for a ship bringing powder for the Royalists
September 10, 1777 The state of Georgia authorizes printing of specie, paper money exchangeable for Continental dollars on demand
September 10, 1837 Abbott Hall Brisbane and another man place a stake at the site of the "zero mile marker" for the Western and Atlantic Railroad. The location is at the corner of present-day Wall St. and Central Av. in downtown Atlanta.
  Western and Atlantic Railroad
September 10, 1863 Battle of Davis Crossroads
September 11, 1863
  Civil War - 1863
  Battle of Davis Crossroads
  Patrick Ronayne Cleburne
September 10, 1871 Fire consumes the Gwinnett County courthouse.
  Gwinnett County, Georgia
September 10, 1894 Begun in Nashville and Savannah, the National (later United) Daughters of the Confederacy is organized
  City of Savannah, Georgia
September 10, 1912 Authorities arrest four black men for their participation in the sexual assault of Mae Crowe.
  Forsyth County, Georgia
September 10, 1924 In the Democratic gubenatorial primary, William Harris defeated Thomas Hardwicke. Harris was a member of the Klan, Hardwicke adamently opposed to the organization.
  Ku Klux Klan in Georgia
September 10, 1930 Russell, running for Governor of Georgia against a field of five candidates, receives a plurality of votes, but less than 50%, forcing the election into a runoff.
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
September 10, 1958 Ernest Vandiver wins the Democratic gubernatorial primary, assuring his victory in the general election
  Ernest Vandiver, Jr.
September 10, 1963 Groundbreaking for St. Mary's Hospital, Athens, Georgia
  Clarke County, Georgia
September 10, 1976 Jimmy Carter makes a campaign stop at his brother Billy's gas station in Plains
September 10, 2003 Atlanta's Piedmont Park begins planning an expansion into 53 acres of undeveloped land the city purchased with the original park
  Piedmont Park
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