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Chronology for September 15

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September 15, 1565 Spanish begin a forced march to eliminate Ft. Caroline.
September 15, 1744 Oglethorpe marries Lady Elizabeth Wright
  James Oglethorpe
September 15, 1780 Battle of the White House (Augusta)
  Georgia and the American Revolution
September 15, 1825 Junius and Granby Hillyer "thrash" Robert Toombs. Toombs leaves, finds a gun and tries to shoot one of the brothers. He was stopped by a third party, then returned with a knife and later another gun. The Hillyer brothers were unharmed.
  University of Georgia, Athens (UGA)
  Robert Toombs
September 15, 1831 Eleven white missionaries are found guilty in Lawrenceville, Georgia for violating Georgia law requiring an oath of allegiance from all white men working in the Cherokee Nation. This case would go to the Supreme Court.
  Augustin Smith Clayton
September 15, 1834 William Harris Crawford dies at a friend's home near Elberton, Georgia.
  Elbert County, Georgia
  William Harris (W. H.) Crawford
September 15, 1835 Less than three months after their marriage, Jeff Davis's wife dies of yellow fever or malaria in Louisiana
  Jefferson Davis
September 15, 1845 First Augusta to Atlanta train
  Atlanta, Georgia (through 1900)
  City of Augusta, Georgia
  Richmond County, Georgia
September 15, 1883 Abbeville, county seat of Wilcox County, is incorporated
  Wilcox County, Georgia
September 15, 1926 Air mail flights to Atlanta Airport (C. A. M. 10) begin
  Atlanta, Georgia (1900-2000)
September 15, 1930 Hoagy Carmichael records Georgia on my Mind. Bix Beiderbecke accompanied Carmichael on the cornet.
September 15, 1949 The Fighting Kentuckian, starring John Wayne and Oliver Hardy is released.
  Oliver Hardy
September 15, 1961 W. W. Law is fired from his job as a Savannah postal worker after the election of G. Elliot Hagan of Sylvania, (Screven County) GA. who made it a campaign promise to have the NAACP leader fired from his job as a postal worker.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  The Road to Integration
  Screven County, Georgia
September 15, 1966 In one of the tightest races for governor in the history of the state, Ellis Arnell, Lester Maddox, Jimmy Carter and James Grey all finish with more than 150,000 votes. Arnell and Maddox are forced into a run-off
  Jimmy Carter
  1966 Election for Governor of Georgia
  Lester Maddox
September 15, 1977 Mary Willis "Ferne" Jackson, Director of Public Education for the Columbus, Georgia Health Department is strangled in her bedroom by an intruder.
  Wynnton Stocking Strangler
  Columbus, Georgia
September 15, 1977 Carter County staring Victor French and Kene Holliday begins a two-year run. The show aimed to cash in on Jimmy Carter's presidency by being set in Georgia
  Movies filmed in Georgia
September 15, 1981 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in Plains to meet with "private citizen" Jimmy Carter
September 15, 1999 More than 100,000 coastal Georgia residents flee Hurricane Floyd.
September 15, 2009 Jimmy Carter portrays an outburst by a South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson as "racist." During a speech by President Obama in Congress, Wilson called out "You lie" when the President said his health care package would not cover illegal immigrants.
  Jimmy Carter
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