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Chronology for September 20

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September 20, 1565 Spanish soldiers attack Ft. Caroline, easily scaling the ramparts. They massacre the remaining French settlers. Spain now controls the entire Southeastern seaboard
  Rene Goulaine De Laudonniere
September 20, 1737 Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence and namesake of Carroll County, Georgia, born, Annapolis, Maryland
  Charles Carroll
September 20, 1782 British inspired Chickamauga Cherokee led by Skyuka meet John Siever and a band of irregulars near the face of Lookout Mountain (called Chattanooga by the Chickamaugans). Although this battle was fought in Tennessee many of the Cherokee came from Georgia. This is occasionally, and incorrectly, refered to as the last battle of the American Revolution.
  Lookout Mountain
  Georgia and the American Revolution
September 20, 1825 Robert Toombs is dismissed from the University of Georgia. He will be reaccepted after writing a letter apologizing for the incident of the 15th.
  University of Georgia, Athens (UGA)
  Robert Toombs
September 20, 1937 Lula Carson Smith weds Reeves McCullers and moves to Charlotte, North Carolina
  Carson McCullers
September 20, 1958 Martin Luther King is stabbed by a mentally deranged woman from Adrian, Georgia, while on a book tour in New York City.
  Martin Luther King
September 20, 1965 Aaron hits his last home run as a Milwaukee Brave
  Hank Aaron
September 20, 1980 New Hartsfield Airport is opened to air traffic
September 20, 2002 Bomb scare forces evacuation of Barnesville.
  Bomb Scare in Barnesville
September 20, 2007 Friends Kyle DeLapp, Hooman Nourparvar, and Steven M. Gartner receive the Carnegie Medals awarded for extraordinary civilian heroism
  Carnegie Awards 2007
September 20, 2010 Matt Conway makes an emergency landing in a small plane on I-85 near Shallowford Road in Atlanta during afternoon rush hour, backing traffic up in both northbound and southbound lanes for 3 hours.
  DeKalb County, Georgia
September 20, 2011 Troy Davis, the convicted killer of Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail lost his appeal for clemency before the Georgia Pardons Board.
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