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Chronology for September 9

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September 9, 1774 The Suffolk Resolves are adopted by at a convention in Milton. Written by Joseph Warren, the Resolves split the members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia
  Joseph Warren
  Intolerable Acts
September 9, 1776 Major General Charles Lee is replaced as commander of the Southern Department by Robert Howe, who is promoted to Major General
  Southern Department of the Continental Army
September 9, 1867 Nine soldiers from Fort McPherson roam through Shermantown (a town of freedmen around Wheat St., today's Auburn Ave.), vandalizing homes and beating blacks. Note: Shermantown was a common name for African American communities in Georgia after the War Between the States (Civil War)
September 9, 1912 Mae Crowe is found near the sight of her sexual assault. She regains consciousness long enough to identify Ernest Knox as her attacker.
  Forsyth County, Georgia
September 9, 1920 Russell elected to the Georgia House
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
September 9, 1923 Stadium at Ponce de Leon park burns, destroying most of the Atlanta Crackers uniforms.
  Atlanta, Georgia (1900-2000)
September 9, 1924 Army Air Service tells the city of Atlanta they must have a airfield in order to retain the headquarters of the Fourth Corps area
  Atlanta Municipal Airport
September 9, 1933 WSB begins to broadcast a radio signal at 50,000 watts
  WSB Atlanta
September 9, 1938 Ron Fairly born, Macon, Georgia
  City of Macon, Georgia
  Ron Fairly
September 9, 1941 Otis Redding born, Dawson, Georgia
  Otis Redding
September 9, 1953 Horace Ward is drafted, effectively suspending his case to integrate the University of Georgia.
  Donald L. Hollowell
September 9, 1965 The Atlanta Falcons announce the signing of their first two players, halfback Bob Paremore (St. Louis Cardinals) and Gary Barnes (Chicago Bears), a split end.
  Atlanta Falcons
September 9, 1970 Jimmy Carter forces a run-off in the Democratic primary for governor, garnering more than 48% of the vote
  Jimmy Carter
September 9, 1988 Murder One, a movie based on the Alday family murders starring Henry Thomas and James Wilder, shot almost entirely in Toronto, Canada, opens to mixed reviews
  Alday family murders
September 9, 1988 Under appeal, claiming that a fourth trial constitutes double jeopardy, the case is take to the U. S. Supreme Court, which refuses to hear it.
  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
September 9, 2001 Tickets for Lotto South go on sale in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia
September 9, 2011 Four North Georgia terrorists are arraigned in Gainesville in front of Magistrate Judge Susan Cole. They plead not guilty. She heard testimony and arguments relating to Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Georgia, who faces federal charges of conspiring to possess an unregistered explosive and an unregistered silencer, but did not rule on bond.
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