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Documents of Georgia

Georgia Charter as a colony, 1732
Charter of the state of Georgia.
Constitution of Georgia; February 5, 1777
This is the technically the first constitution of Georgia, although it had been governed under the so-called Rules and Regulations for almost a year.
Ratification of the U. S. Constitution
Passing this document ratified the Constitution of the United States. Georgia was the fourth state to do so.
Georgia Ordinance of Seccession, January 19, 1861
Ordinance of Seccession, dissolving the union between the United States and Georgia.
Treaty of New Echota, Dec. 29, 1835 (Cherokee - United States)
The corrupt Treaty of New Echota sealed the fate of the Eastern Cherokee - it led to the forced migration of the Cherokee to present-day Oklahoma
Treaty of New Echota (Supplementary articles), December 29, 1835 (Cherokee - United States)
Supplementary articles to a treaty concluded at New Echota
Treaty of the Holston, July 2, 1794 (Cherokee - United States)
The treaty officially ended the war with the Chickamauga Cherokee, who had fought battles in present-day Tennessee and Georgia to prevent settlers from taking their land


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