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Georgia's Trustees

Unique among the English colonies in America, Georgia's system gave governing power to a group of trustees who decided the laws of the new colony. Their first meeting occurred on July 20, 1732. James Oglethorpe represented the trustees in the new colony, although technically he held no position, appointed or elected. Today the state of Georgia has chosen the name "Resident Trustee" to reflect his position. The trustees were not happy with the work of Oglethorpe and sent William Stevens as "secretary."

In 1741 the colony of Georgia is split in two, Savannah County and Fredrica County. Stevens is given charge over Savannah while Oglethorpe commands Fredrica. In July, 1743 Stevens is made President of Georgia; Oglethorpe soon departs.

The original charter called for a 21 year rule by the trustees. In 1751 the trustees inform the crown that they intend to surrender the charter early, but form a de facto government around Henry Parker until a royal governor can be appointed. Patrick Graham succeeds Parker when he dies in office. On October 31, 1754, Royal Governor John Reynolds takes his oath of office. The trustee rule was over.


  • Adam Anderson
  • Arthur Bedford
  • William Belitha
  • Rev. Richard Bundy
  • John Burton
  • Thomas Coram
  • Edward Digby
  • Francis Eyles
  • Rev. Stephen Hales
  • George Heathcote
  • (Sir) William Heathcote
  • Rogers Holland
  • Robert Hucks
  • John Laroche
  • Robert More
  • James Oglethorpe
  • John Lord Viscount Perceval (Earl of Egmont)
  • William Sloper
  • Rev. Samuel Smith
  • Chistopher Towers
  • Thomas Towers
  • James Vernon
  • Richard Chandler
  • James Lord D'Arcy
  • James Earl of Derby
  • Thomas Frederick
  • Sir John Gonson
  • William Hanbury
  • Robert Kendall (Sir Robert Cater)
  • Henry L'Apostre
  • James Lord Viscount Limerick
  • John Page
  • (Sir) Erasmus Phillips
  • Anthony Ashley Earl of Shaftesbury
  • John Lord Viscount Tyrconnel
  • George Tyrer
  • John White
  • Henry Archer
  • Thomas (Lord) Archer
  • Richard Coope
  • Hon. Robert Eyre
  • Rev. (Lord Bishop of Londonderry) Thomas Rundle
  • (Lord) William Talbot
  • Robert Tracy
  • Francis Wollaston
  • William Wollaston
  • Sir Jacob Des Bouverie (Lord Viscount Folkstone)
  • Sir Harry Gough
  • Roger Burgoyne
  • Lord Sidney Beauclerk
  • Henry Bathurst
  • John Frederick
  • Philip Perceval
  • John Barrington
  • Henry Calthrope
  • Alexander Hume Cambell
  • Samuel Tuffnell
  • (Sir) John Phillips
  • Velters Cornewall
  • John Wright
  • Rev. Thomas Wilson
  • Francis Cokayne
  • Samuel Lloyd
  • Chretian Von Munch
  • Rev. Samuel Urlsperger
  • Slingsby Bethel
  • John Cust
  • John Earl of Egmont
  • Anthony Ewer
  • Edward Hooper
  • Stephen Theodore Jansen
We have as yet been unable to determine a date for a man named Richard Cavendish.
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