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1794 Treaty with Cherokee
June 26, 1794 Peace Treaty with the Cherokee signed at Tellico Blockhouse, Cherokee Nation (now Tennessee)
  1794 Treaty with Cherokee

Negotiated with a group of Cherokee representatives in Philadelphia, the treaty brought an end to hostilities between the Cherokee Indians and American settlers living in present-day north Georgia, eastern Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and western North Carolina. Although fighting had been continuous during and after the American Revolution, it briefly ended with the Treaty of Hopewell.

Chickamauga Cherokee, (mostly Cherokee who had been displaced), revolted as white settlers violated the terms of the treaty, sparking the largest conflict between the Cherokee Nation and America. Raiding parties (both American and Cherokee) and battles were common between 1788 and 1793.

This treaty clarifies points made in the earlier Treaty of the Holston

Treaty with the Cherokee, 1794

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