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Andrew Young
March 12, 1932 Andrew Young born, New Orleans, Orleans Parrish, Louisiana
  Andrew Young
January 3, 1973 Andrew Young elected representative of the Fifth District.
  Andrew Young
December 16, 1976 President-elect Jimmy Carter nominates Andrew Young as U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations
  Andrew Young
  Jimmy Carter
August 15, 1979 Andrew Young forced to resign his post as United States Ambassador to the United Nations after it became public knowledge that he had covertly met with a delegation from the Palestine Liberation Organization
  Andrew Young
October 27, 1981 Andrew Young elected mayor of Atlanta
  Andrew Young

Andrew Jackson Young, Jr.'s face is forever frozen in time, on a balcony of a Memphis hotel, pointing towards the location of Martin Luther King's assassination. Leading a group of young black men closely associated with Dr. King (including Georgia legislator John Lewis), Andrew Young's face was indelibly etched into the minds of most Americans.

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