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Asa Griggs Chandler
December 30, 1851 Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler born, Villa Rica
  Asa Griggs Chandler
March 12, 1929 Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler dies, Atlanta
  Asa Griggs Chandler

This Georgia businessman is best remembered for his remarkable imprint on the city of Atlanta, and eventually the United States and the world. He purchased Coca-Cola from Dr. John Pemberton in 1888 and turned the medicinal drink into a national hit by 1900. He did not invent or develop Coke, but he did perfect a method of distribution, via soda fountains throughout the nation. When two Chattanooga, Tennessee businessmen approached him about bottling Coca-Cola, he sold them the bottling rights for almost the entire country. During his lifetime he became a note philanthropist, giving a million dollars to Emory College in 1915. Candler sold Coca-Cola to a group of investors in 1919, but continued to hold a sizable amount of stock. In 1923 he steered young Atlanta Alderman William B. Hartsfield towards Candler Field to use as an airport, then donated the land free for 5 years to the city. Candler Park, first a green area, now used to describe the Edgewood section of Atlanta, is named in his honor. Candler Field continued to serve as Atlanta's airport until 1961, when it was renamed Hartsfield International.

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