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Atkinson County, Georgia
August 9, 1814 Treaty of Fort Jackson, ceding the lower third of Georgia is signed by the Creek
  Jeff Davis County, Georgia
  Atkinson County, Georgia
  Berrien County, Georgia
  Early County, Georgia
  Baker County, Georgia
  Creek Indians
January 22, 1818 Treaty with Creek at Creek Agency on the Flint River
  Atkinson County, Georgia
  Creek Indians
November 12, 1889 City of Willacoochee, Georgia (originally Coffee County, now Atkinson County) chartered
  Coffee County, Georgia
  Atkinson County, Georgia
August 15, 1917 Atkinson County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Atkinson County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of William Yates Atkinson, who served in the state house, became Speaker of the House and served as governor of Georgia.
Acquisition: Treaty of Fort Jackson (Creek)
Taken from:Clinch and Coffee Counties
Counties created from: None
Cities: Pearson (county seat), Wilacoochee

Web sites:
National Register of Historic Places in Atkinson County, Georgia
Atkinson County, Georgia, links
City of Pearson
City of Willacoochee, Georgia

History and Description:Pearson, the county seat, is named for Benjah Pearson, who fought in the Second Seminole War. Atkinson was created by amendment to the state constitution. The amendment was ratified by voters in 1918.

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