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Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel
October 30, 1913 Winecoff Hotel opens, 176 Peachtree Street, Atlanta. At 16 stories, it is the tallest building in the city.
  Atlanta, Georgia (1900-2000)
  Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel
December 7, 1946 119 people lose their lives in the worst hotel disaster in the United States when Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel burned. The hotel had 15 stories, but Atlanta fire-fighting equipment could not handle any building taller than 8 stories
  Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel
  Atlanta, Georgia (1900-2000)

The Winecoff Hotel sits, an empty shell, across the street from the Ritz-Carlton. Today an infamous name in the history of Atlanta, before 1946 this building was considered to be one of the finest hotels in Atlanta and the entire Southeast. Completed in 1913, the Winecoff was named for builder William Fleming Winecoff, who owned the hotel. It stood 15 stories tall, dwarfing the other buildings around it.

The building represented the "northern" movement of Atlanta to what today is called "mid-town." Very little of mid-town existed prior to 1890, when Piedmont Park was built. With the 1895 Cotton Exposition, mid-town seemed to come to life and by the time Winecoff built the structure the growing section was in need of a hotel.

Winecoff, who lived and died in the hotel, was comfortable with the fact that the hotel was "fireproof." Built of brick and stone, it did not have fire escapes or a sprinkler system. Sometime after 3am an employee smelled smoke on the third floor of the structure. More than 275 guest were in the hotel, preparing for the Saturday festivities marking the 5th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. When fire trucks began to roll to the scene at 3:45, the fire had made significant progress, and many had already died. Guests trapped on the upper floors tried to climb down bed sheets or rope, only to lose their grip and fall to their death.

Newspaper article on Winecoff Fire

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