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Atlanta becomes Georgia's capital
April 20, 1868 Atlanta becomes Georgia's state capital
  Baldwin County, Georgia
  Atlanta becomes Georgia's capital

From the time Savannah held the title of state capital, a majority of Georgia was unhappy with the choice. As early as 1754 there was organized attempts to change the political center of power. During the American Revolution Augusta, Heard's Fort, and other locales served as temporary capitals. After the British left, the capital was moved to Augusta, then Louisville while a new city was being built on the Oconee River, reflecting the western move of Georgia's populace.

But by 1847 some were unhappy with Milledgeville and called for an election to move the capital to Atlanta. During the 1850's Atlanta eclipsed every other Georgia town in most categories (shipping by boat is one example where it did not eclipse Savannah). Still, in general the move was opposed, with major opposition coming from Macon, who felt they were more centrally located for the state capital. In 1868 Georgia's military governors simply ordered the capital moved to Atlanta. Today's state capital remains one of the last vestiges of the Yankee occupation.

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