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Barbie Bandits
February 27, 2007 In a daring daylight robbery, two women hold up a Bank of America branch in Smyrna, Georgia. The media dubs them "The Barbie Bandits" and the case garners worldwide attention.
  Barbie Bandits
February 28, 2007 Police receive hundreds of tips after releasing closed circuit photos of the Barbie Bandits. One man identifies the girls as strippers "Charli" (Heather Lyn Johnston) and "Adrianne" (Ashley Nicole Miller).
  Barbie Bandits
March 1, 2007 Police arrest the Barbie Bandits and a third man, Michael Darrell Chastang, who is identified as one of the bandit's boyfriends
  Barbie Bandits
August 22, 2007 "Barbie Bandit" Heather Lyn Johnston pleads guilty to theft by taking and marijuana possession.
  Barbie Bandits
February 1, 2008 Barbie Bandit Ashley Nicole Miller pleads guilty to theft by taking and possession of Ecstasy with intent to distribute.
  Barbie Bandits
March 24, 2008 Barbie Bandits Ashley Nicole Miller and Heather Lyn Johnston are sentenced following earlier guilty pleas. Cobb County Judge Mary Staley handed down a 10-year sentence to Johnston to be served on probation for theft and misdemeanor marijuana possession charges. Johnston's co-defendant Miller was sentenced to two years for the bank theft and drug possession charges with eight years on probation.
  Barbie Bandits

According to Heather Johnston the bank robbery that garnered her and Ashley Miller (both 19) international attention and dubbed them "The Barbie Bandits" began as prank and it did not begin with them alone. Two male accomplices, Michael Chastang, 27, and Benny Herman Allen, a 22-year old bank employee were involved as well.

The errant caper began two days before the actual robbery when the "dancers" jokingly suggested they did not want to go to work and should rob a bank instead. Chastang, Miller's boyfriend, began to arrange a robbery with a friend who worked at a Bank of America branch in Smyrna, Georgia. On February 27, 2008 the Barbie Bandits headed west towards Smyrna. Several calls later the bandits had directions, what to write on the note and more directions because they had gotten lost driving to the bank.

Wearing high-end sunglasses the bandits entered the Bank of America on Mars Hill Road. Security cameras captured the escapade and after Cobb County Police did a routine search they released the photos of the Barbie Bandits to the press the same day the robbery occurred. Suddenly the two young women from Georgia were international stars.

The next day a customer of theirs from a Doraville strip club gave police their dancing names and police quickly began surveillance of the pair. They were stopped two days later by the Cobb County detectives on I-20 in Douglas County as they headed towards the Alabama border.

Heather Johnson quickly told the story of the robbery while Ashley Miller decided to wait. Her hesitancy cost her at sentencing when Judge Mary Staley handed Miller a 2-year sentence and Johnson received probation

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