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Battle of Brown's Mill
July 30, 1864 Battle of Brown's Mill
  Civil War - 1864
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Battle of Brown's Mill

One of the South's biggest wins during the Atlanta Campaign is this frequently overlooked engagement between two "fighters," Confederate General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Wheeler and Union General E. M. McCook of Ohio's "Fighting McCooks."

Ordered to cut railroad communications with West Point (between Atlanta and Columbus) and Macon on July 26, Brigadier General E. M. McCook had actually completed his mission when he realized that a force of Confederate cavalry had positioned itself along his line of retreat. He decided to move west towards Newnan to cross the Chattahoochee River. Wheeler began to skirmish with McCook as he moved west, trying to keep McCook from guessing Wheeler's tactical strength (his force was significantly smaller than McCook's).

At Newnan Wheeler surrounded McCook. Wheeler knew McCook needed to cross the Chattahoochee at this point, so he stationed the majority of his force between McCook and the river while skirmishers "drove McCook into Wheeler's strong position. In spite of McCook's tactical advantage in troop strength, Wheeler's line held, and McCook surrendered after destroying his artillery.

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