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Battle of Davis Crossroads
September 10, 1863 Battle of Davis Crossroads
September 11, 1863
  Civil War - 1863
  Battle of Davis Crossroads
  Patrick Ronayne Cleburne

William S. Rosecrans [US] moved the Army of the Cumberland through Lookout Mountain south of Chattanooga, Tennessee in an attempt to cut off Braxton Bragg's [CS] Army of Tennessee from following the Western and Atlantic Railroad south. Bragg ordered Earl Hindman [CS] and Patrick Cleburne [CS] to attack. Phillip Negrey [US], moving east from Stevens Gap, ran into stiff Rebel resistance, but stopped in Davis Crossroads before engaging the majority of Confederate troops. Hindman and Cleburne decided not to attack because reinforcements did not arrive as promised. On the second day forward units under Absolam Baird [US] arrived in support of Negrey. As Hindman began a late day attack he recieved orders from Bragg to withdraw in the face of an enemy of supposedly superior numbers.

Battle of Davis Crossroads

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