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Billy Joe Royal
April 3, 1942 Billy Joe Royal born
  Billy Joe Royal
July 3, 1965 Billy Joe Royal's Down in the Boondocks enters the Top 40
  Billy Joe Royal

Probably best known for early hits Down in the Boondocks (1965), Hush, and Cherry Hill Park (1970), he had a productive country music career both before and after these pop crossovers. From his earliest roots, singing with Jerry Reed and Joe South on the Georgia Jubilee, to his "white soul" sound created by blending gospel, country and blues, Royal has always been a powerful singer. After his pop crossover with Boondocks, he joined Dick Clark's Cavalcade of Stars and became a "teen idol." Then, as pop music changed in the '70's, Royal remained true to his roots and returned to country music, although it took him awhile to make an impact. Selected for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1988.

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