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Burke County, Georgia
March 15, 1758 8 parishes are created in Georgia, mostly for military and religious purposes
  Eight parishes established
  Burke County, Georgia
  Chatham County, Georgia
  Effingham County, Georgia
  Liberty County, Georgia
  Richmond County, Georgia
February 5, 1777 Burke County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Burke County, Georgia
October 19, 1790 Lyman Hall dies, Burke County, Georgia
  Burke County, Georgia
June 1, 1987 Unit 1 of the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant becomes operational in Waynesboro, Georgia
  Burke County, Georgia
May 20, 1989 Unit 2 of the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant becomes operational in Waynesboro, GA
  Burke County, Georgia
February 16, 2010 President Obama announced an $8.33 billion loan guarantee for the new Vogtle reactors (Wayneboro, Georgia), the first step in the Administration's push to jump-start the nuclear construction industry.
  Burke County, Georgia

Name derivation:Named in honor of Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, Whig member of parliament, and close friend of James Oglethorpe who urge conciliation with the American colonies.
Acquisition: From the original tract of land ceded by the Yamacraw, ratified by the Creek in 1733
Taken from: Original county
Counties created from: Jefferson, Jenkins, Screven, Warren
Cities: Waynesboro (county seat), Girard, Keysville, Midville, Sardis
Web sites:
National Register of Historic Places in Burke County, Georgia
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History and description Burke was one of the original Georgia counties created from the parish of St. George (created in 1758). The county seat of Waynesboro is named in honor of "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who freed Georgia from the English aggressors in spite of being outnumbered 2 to 1.

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