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Chickamauga-First Day
September 19, 1863 Battle of Chickamauga
September 20, 1863
  Civil War - 1863
  General George Thomas
  Catoosa County, Georgia
  Walker County, Georgia
  Chickamauga-Second Day
  Chickamauga-First Day
  Patrick Ronayne Cleburne
  James Longstreet

The bloodiest two days in American history begins with the Union Army burning Reed's Bridge over Chickamauga Creek, however, a significant amount of the Rebel Army was already across the bridge, heading southwest towards Lee and Gordon Mill. The first day was a back and forth affair with General George Thomas [US] and General Leonidas Polk [CS] bearing the brunt of the fighting. A late afternoon breakthrough by the Confederates at the Brotherton Cabin could not be maintained. At the end of the day the Union line was roughly along a low ridge near the LaFayette-Chattanooga Road Chickamauga - Day 2

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