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Chickamauga-Second Day
September 19, 1863 Battle of Chickamauga
September 20, 1863
  Civil War - 1863
  General George Thomas
  Catoosa County, Georgia
  Walker County, Georgia
  Chickamauga-Second Day
  Chickamauga-First Day
  Patrick Ronayne Cleburne
  James Longstreet

Rebel communication problems caused a delay in the opening of the second day of fighting. Union troops continued a complicate movement towards Chattanooga. During an attack by James Longstreet [CS] an opening at the Brotherton Cabin was exploited by John Bell Hood [CS], routing the Union Army. Rosecrans [US], McCook [US] and Crittenden [US] fled the field of battle. George Thomas [US] formed a weak line around Snodgrass Hill while maintaining a stronger line along Battleline Road (present-day name). Gordon Granger [US] advanced without orders and resupplied and reinforced the beleaguered Union Army, which withstood repeated Confederate attacks. Chickamauga

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