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Christopher Barrios
March 15, 2007 George and David Edenfield are arrested for the murder of Christopher Barrios
  Christopher Barrios
March 15, 2007 Christopher Barrios Jr. body is found. He had been choked to death, wrapped in black plastic bags and dumped in woods about two miles from his home.
  Christopher Barrios
October 5, 2009 David Edenfield is convicted for the March 2007 sexual assault and choking death of Christopher Barrio
  Christopher Barrios

Six year old Christopher Barrios enjoyed walking from his trailer home to that of his grandmother in the Canal Mobile Home Park, but on March 8, 2007 it was a trip he did not finish. It was interrupted by two convicted sexual offenders, David and George Edenfield, who lived in the trailer opposite Barrios grandmother. According to testimony at later trials the father and son kidnapped the boy, imprisoned him in their trailer and sexually assaulted him before killing him. When the boy could not be located by his father that evening, the police were called.

Using dogs and the National Guard local officials searched extensively for almost 3 days before the search was scaled back on March 10. An exten­sive search of the areas sur­round­ing the mobile home park was con­ducted uti­liz­ing search dogs, searchers on ATVs , heat-sensing air­craft, and National Guard personnel.

The search was scaled back on Sat­ur­day night, March 10, 2007 because there were no new leads. Police had also begun looking for registered sex offenders in the area and had turned up not only Christopher's father but the Edenfields. The father was eliminated almost immediately, but the younger Edenfield admitted having unsupervised contact with the boy on the day Christopher disappeared. Police returned and tested the home for methane gas, a by-product of decomposition. When tests determined methane was present Peggy Edenfield told police of her family's involvement and that of a friend. On March 15, 2007 the body of Christopher Barrios was discovered about 3 miles from the Edenfield trailer and George and David Edenfield were arrest. Peggy Edenfield had been arrested the day before, charged with giving false statements to police.

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