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Chuck Willis
January 31, 1928 Legendary R&B singer Chuck Willis is born, Atlanta, Georgia.
  Chuck Willis
April 10, 1958 Following the death of Chuck Willis earlier in the day, American Bandstand Emcee Dick Clark dedicates the show to the R&B singer
  Chuck Willis
April 10, 1958 R&B singer Chuck Willis died in Atlanta, Georgia from peritonitis. He was barely 30 years old.
  Chuck Willis

To those not familiar with the name, Chuck Willis can best be remembered by his music including C. C. Rider. Born in Atlanta, the singer/songwriter recorded My Story when he was 22. It went on to rise to #2 in the "black charts". Willis was very popular in Sweet Auburn and became known as the "King of Stroll". In 1956 he again hit it big with It's Too Late, following it up with C. C. Rider. The ironically titled What am I Living For and Hang Up your Rock and Roll Shoes became hits after his death in 1958.

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