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Claude Akins
May 25, 1926 Claude Marion Akins born, Nelson, Georgia
  Claude Akins
January 27, 1994 Claude Akins dies, Altadena, California
  Claude Akins

Born in Pickens County, Georgia, Claude Akins is perhaps best known as Sheriff Lobo, a character he created for both a made for a TV movie and TV show, B. J. and The Bear. The character lived on in the television series "Lobo." But his work in Hollywood is of much longer duration. From small parts in early movies like "From Here to Eternity" and "The Caine Mutiny" where he played gruff servicemen, to a badman in Rio Bravo, Akin displayed only a small range of his ability. It was his role as Reverend Jeremiah Brown in Inherit the Wind that actually brought him to fame, but almost always in a non-starring role. Starring with Frank Converse in the aptly named "Movin' On," the series was kind of a Route 66 only with truckers. Their travels brought them in contact with people who had problems that Sonny (Akins) and Will (Converse) would help them with. During the early 80's Akins continued as a popular TV star, only occasionally making it to the big screen. He died of cancer in 1994.

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