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Coffee County, Georgia
February 9, 1854 Coffee County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Coffee County, Georgia
November 12, 1889 City of Willacoochee, Georgia (originally Coffee County, now Atkinson County) chartered
  Coffee County, Georgia
  Atkinson County, Georgia
December 10, 1895 City of Douglas incorporated
  Coffee County, Georgia
November 25, 1938 Coffee County courthouse burns
  Coffee County, Georgia
April 18, 1969 28 people injured and 2 million dollars of property damage by a tornado in Coffee County
  Coffee County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes

Name derivation:Named in honor of General John Coffee, who built the "Coffee Road" that helped get supplies to the men fighting the First Seminole War, and oversaw federal troops in Chereokee Georgia from 1830-1832, prior to the Trail of Tears. He was a friend and close associate of Andrew Jackson. Served as state senator, 1819-1827, elected to the U.S. House three times (he only served 2 terms because of his death prior to his third election.
Acquisition: Creek cession of Aug. 9, 1814
Taken from: Clinch County, Georgia, Irwin County, Georgia, Telfair County, Georgia, Ware County, Georgia
Counties created from: Atkinson County, Georgia, Berrien County, Georgia, Jeff Davis County, Georgia
Cities: Douglas (county seat), Ambrose, Broxton, Nicholls

Web sites:National Register of Historic Places in Coffee County, Georgia
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