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Crisp County, Georgia
February 13, 1818 Andrew Jackson arrives at Fort Early in Crisp County. They will use the fort extensively in the Seminole Indian War and in the War against the Creek Indians
  Crisp County, Georgia
  Creek Indians
August 17, 1905 Crisp County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Crisp County, Georgia
April 2, 1936 Tornado strikes Crisp County, killing 36 people, mostly in the Cordele area.
  Crisp County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes

Name derivation:Named in honor of Charles Frederick Crisp, who served in the U. S. House (eventually becoming Speaker of the House), and nominated to serve in the U. S. Senate, but died before the general election
Acquisition: Creek cession of January 8, 1821
Taken from: Dooly County
Counties created from:None

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