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Dade County, Georgia
December 28, 1835 Micanope and Jumper, two Seminole chiefs, ambush Major Francis Langhorne Dade and kill him and 109 of his infantry detachment. Dade County is named in his honor.
  Dade County, Georgia
December 25, 1837 Dade County created
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Dade County, Georgia
December 22, 1841 City of Salem, county seat of Dade County, changes its name to Trenton
  Dade County, Georgia
November 24, 2001 Tornado strikes Dade County, near State Road 157.
  Dade County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes

Name derivation: Named in honor of Francis Langhorne Dade, who was killed during an ambush of his company by Seminole Indians.
Acquisition:cTreaty of New Echota
Taken from: Walker County, Georgia
Counties created from: None
Cities: Trenton (county seat), Rising Fawn

Web sites: National Register of Historic Places in Dade County, Georgia
Archives of Dade County, Georgia
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Description and history: This northwest Georgia county is among the smallest in the state, and until a roadbuilding program connected it via Stevens Gap in 1939, you had to go through Tennessee and Alabama to get there. Known as "State of Dade," a local politician threatened to secede from Georgia if the state seceded from the county.

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