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Daniel Appling
August 29, 1787 Daniel Appling born
  Daniel Appling
May 29, 1813 Second battle of Sackett's Harbor. Sackett's Harbor, site of Madison Barricks, a US military post which included a Naval Station established in 1813. It was from this station that the US attacked the Canadian town of York (now Toronto).
  Daniel Appling
March 5, 1817 Daniel Appling dies
  Daniel Appling
December 15, 1818 Appling County created
  Daniel Appling
  Creation of Georgia Counties
  Appling County

This hero in the War of 1812 joined the United States Army in 1805, receiving a commission as Lieutenant. His tours of duty included Fort Hawkins on the Ocmulgee, Point Peter on the St. Mary's and a command on Amelia Island. While on escort duty on May 30, 1814, near Sandy Creek (A river that runs into Lake Ontario in northern New York near Oswego) Appling captured an English force of superior number after a brief engagement. This is known today as The Battle of Big Sandy. He was promoted to major for his actions in that battle. When General (Sir George) Provost crossed the Canadian frontier near Plattsburg, New York, Appling's riflemen rallied to attack the English. He received a brevet to colonel.

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