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Daniel Webster
January 18, 1782 Daniel Webster born, Salisbury, New Hampshire
  Daniel Webster
July 4, 1800 Daniel Webster makes his first public speech during an Independence Day celebration at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire
  Daniel Webster
March 10, 1818 Daniel Webster argues Dartmouth College v. Woodward in the Supreme Court of the United States.
  Daniel Webster
February 2, 1819 Supreme Court rules in Dartmouth v. Woodward, overturning a lower court opinion supporting the governor of New Hampshire in an attempt to usurp power from the college trustees. This pivitol case established the right of individuals to enter into contracts as a group.
  Daniel Webster
October 24, 1852 Daniel Webster dies at his home in Marshfield, Massachusetts, following an accident where he was thrown from his horse. Forensic historians beleive that he died from a hemmorage following severe cranial damage.
  Daniel Webster
February 21, 1856 Kinchafoonee County, Georgia is renamed to Webster County. At the same time the name of the county seat was changed from McIntosh to Preston.
  Daniel Webster
  Webster County, Georgia

Three time presidential candidate Daniel WebsterThree time Whig presidential candidate, U. S. Senator and member of the House of Representatives from Massachusetts. Daniel Webster supported Jackson during the Nullification Crisis, although he was anti-Jackson.

Webster became Secretary of State under William Henry Harrison and continued in that role for his successor, John Tyler. He returned to the Senate after two years, where he served until selected by Millard Fillmore as Secretary of State in 1850. Following the Compromise of 1850 he strongly supported tighter Fugitive Slave Laws to quell the brewing rebellion in the South.

Webster was so popular in Georgia that 5,000 people voted for him in the 1852 Presidential election in spite of the fact that he had died two weeks earlier.

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