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David M. Fuller
September 1, 2003 Gwinnett County Judge David M. Fuller resigns following an investigative report by Fox 5 News
  David M. Fuller
  Gwinnett County, Georgia

Gwinett County Judge David M. Fuller came under the investigative "eye" of Fox 5 News and Randy Travis. It seems somebody spilled the beans that Fuller liked to take off early and get a couple (or more) drinks at a Lawrenceville bar. During the two week investigation, Travis discovered that the jurist would leave work early, break multiple traffic laws including speeding and driving in the HOV lanes with a single occupant in the car, to sit on his favorite bar stool in The Beer Mug on Collier Road near I-75 and discuss such judicial topics as his favorite strip clubs.

Travis decided to confront the judge following a 7-hour stay at the bar when he consumed 19 drinks. An obviously drunk Fuller angrily claimed he had been drinking iced tea and sped off. While taking his afternoons off, Fuller complained about the heavy workload.

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